Kids Hope USA

Grace Church is proud to have a partnership with Bennie Elementary School in Allen Park through Kids Hope USA. Kids Hope USA builds caring child, one hour, one church, one school. Volunteers spend one hour a week with one child during the school hours. One child, one hour is the heart of Kids Hope USA. When kids feel loved and valued, they are better able to learn, grow and succeed. At Bennie we have 8 mentors and 8 prayer partners who pray for each child and mentor. The opportunity is vast. The need is great...the idea is simple: One child - One hour, One Church - One school. For more information:

kidshope Mentors:
Mentors meet with their kids individually for one hour a week, on campus, throughout the school year. Each mentor must volunteer for one school year, though many mentors decide to stay with her or his child for two or more years.

The mentor's faithfulness to the weekly visit is imperative. Through this faithful, caring relationship, the child learns to trust.

The reward is not measured by testing alone, however. A caring relationship changes everything, for the child as well as the mentor. Usually the change is obvious and you see your student grow happier and more confident as your relationship develops. Visiting your student becomes a highlight of your week.

Prayer Partners:
Each mentor-mentee relationship has a volunteer prayer partner who prays for the success of the relationship. A prayer partner can be an invaluable support to the mentor. A mentor carries the love of God personally to the child through the relationship and a prayer partner does behind-the-scenes work of praying for the needs of mentor and child.

Begin praying now about whether you can commit to this worthwhile endeavor.

Will YOU give hope to a child?

Will YOU be the one to make a difference in a child's life?

YOU can be that one to help change a life...and that's no small change.

Who are these children?

One principal described the KHUSA children this way:

1. Quiet, lost souls
2. Kids who exhibit behavior problems
3. Kids who need help learning
We are generally asked to work with children whose emotional, social and /or academic needs can be met through a relationship with a caring adult. The teacher and/or principal select these children.

Who can be a KIDS HOPE USA volunteer?
Any Grace Church member over the age of 18 who can read, loves the Lord, and has a heart for children is eligible to participate in the program as a relational volunteer. All volunteers will be "interviewed" by the Director, submit reference names, and must agree to have a criminal background check.

How much time will I need to commit?
When it comes to your contact with a child, a few minutes will go a very long way. Indeed, teachers report significant changes in behavior and academic performance for some children after only two visits. All we ask is that you give one hour per week for a school year to your assigned child. Children who lack structure in their lives need to count on those special moments with you once each week. We will try to offer you flexibility as to when the hour occurs based on your schedule.

Does one hour really make a difference?
Yes. Teachers consistently report that the KIDS HOPE USA children show significant improvement in four areas: Attendance (the kids don't want to miss their visit with the KHUSA friend); academic performance; attitude; and behavior (children stop fighting, for example, because they are loved and because they do not want to disappoint their friend).

Will I receive training?
A 3 hour training session is required for all Kids Hope Mentors. This thorough training will give you all the tools you need to be ready to start a dynamic relationship with a wonderful child. These trainings are scheduled as needed.

We are always looking for mentors, prayer partners, and substitutes!

For more information please contact Kids Hope USA Director: Sara Nitz (313) 657-8597 or email